KAMIND Doesn’t Have Clients; IT Has Fans

Although not a large operation in the agency world, DeCosta’s group is part of national residential real estate leader Keller Williams, which provides access to a massive database of properties and network of other brokers. Being well connected in all directions is essential.

3 New Ways To Keep Your Head Above The Cloud

KAMIND adds a client portal, a malware stopper and a secure team channel
By Matt Katzer

Business computing in the cloud is evolving at tornado-like speed. Keeping on top of it all just got a bit easier with these three new services provided by cloud solutions consultant KAMIND. As one of Microsoft’s leading Office 365 partners, KAMIND is constantly searching for ways to improve the customer experience.

Cloud Safety: 5 How To’s

Life online after the latest celebrity photo hacking
By Matt Katzer

Whether anyone out there would like to see our selfies or not (probably not), the recent high profile over exposure of certain celebrities reminds us that Cloud computing comes with vulnerabilities.

Microsoft’s Commitment To Data Privacy And Security

KAMIND's trusted partner Microsoft is ultra committed to protecting its customers' data. KAMIND and Microsoft both believe that all information it might help a customer accumulate, store, access or transmit always remains the property of that customer; not be repurposed, shared or otherwise used without our customer's expressed permission.