There are many ways that you can purchase Microsoft licensing for your organization. At KAMIND IT we have been helping people find the right licensing solutions for 9+ years and have expert knowledge when it comes to find the right licensing program for you and your company

We have placed some brief descriptions of the options that are available with KAMIND IT to purchase your Microsoft licensing. Once you have read through the descriptions you can click on the link to speak with one of our licensing experts. KAMIND IT is a Microsoft direct partner, and provides license solutions that make sense to the client business model.

KAMIND IT Cloud Solution Provider Licensing (CSP)

Microsoft created CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partners to help strengthen the relationship between the customer and Microsoft. The main aim is to make it easier for customers to purchase the solutions and services they need through building a long-term relationship with a vendor they can trust.

CSP partners must therefore commit to providing high quality support and service. They take on the responsibility for owning the relationship with the customer and must provide efficient and accurate billing along with expert customer support.

Other specific benefits include:

  • Migration: a CSP partner doesn’t only sell licenses, but provides professional services to ensure smooth, worry-free migration to the Microsoft cloud.
  • Flexible billing: customers can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Customers also have access to a wider ecosystem of solutions and services through KAMIND IT such as Office 365 or Azure– and benefit from the value, skills and expertise that KAMIND IT can bring to the customer’s solution.

Microsoft Open Licensing

Microsoft Open licensing programs are a simple, cost-effective way for small and midsize organizations to acquire the latest Microsoft technology. Microsoft Open licensing requires a minimum of 5 items to create an agreement. There are two different options when choosing an Open agreement.

Open Value

Open Value is the recommended program if you have a small to midsize organization and want to simplify license management, manage software costs, and get better control over your investment. It also includes Software Assurance, providing access to valuable benefits such as training, deployment planning, software upgrades, and product support help you boost the productivity of your entire organization.

Open Value is a 3-year agreement with spread payments over the course of the 3 years. You can add an additional 3 years to this agreement and pay around 50% of the cost that was paid in years 1-3 and retain all the upgrade rights for the software on the agreement. You can add additional licensing to this agreement at any point. All the licenses in this agreement are perpetual licenses.

Open Business

Open Business is a 2 year agreement that is paid all up front at the beginning of the agreement. You can add items to the agreement during the 2 years at that price point. After the 2 years is up you cannot add anything further to the agreement. If you wanted to purchase additional licensing, you would need to start a new agreement with Microsoft.

You get all of the downgrade rights for the software that you purchase on the agreement. All the licenses that you purchase through the Open Business agreement are perpetual licenses. There are no upgrades for licensing with this option.

Enterprise Agreement

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement offers the best value to organizations with 500 or more users or devices that want a manageable volume licensing program that gives them the flexibility to buy cloud services and software licenses under one agreement.

The Enterprise Agreement is designed for organizations that want to license software and cloud services for a minimum three-year period.

The Enterprise Agreement offers built-in savings ranging from 15 percent to 45 percent. You also have the option to spread your payments by making three annual payments instead of one up-front payment. This helps reduce initial costs and helps you forecast annual software budget requirements up to three years in advance.

Azure Hybrid Benefit

The Microsoft Azure Hybrid benefit allows an organization to take advantage of Azure discounts on azure services under CSP agreements. This allows organization to reduce the Azure service consumption by at least 10% or retail prices.


KAMIND IT is a microsoft Tier 1 direct partner that has been providing different licensing solutions to customers for 9+ years. KAMIND IT role as a licenses provider may take different from audit and consulting services to licenses procurement either under traditional license programs, or the CSP or SPLA (software Provisional Licenses Agreement) programs