Azure Discovery Services

Our Azure discovery services are designed to provide the client with a view of which on-premise services make sense for a cloud migration. In our discovery services, we analyze the Office 365 license mix, backup services and disaster recovery services. At the end of the discovery services, we provide recommendations on the best way to utilize the cloud and what services make sense to move to the cloud. Our clients use the discovery services to understand the best way to move to the cloud. This includes using Microsoft security SIEM for security management, backup for data recovery, failover disaster recovery and Windows 10 virtual desktop services. The KAMIND Cloud discovery project is the best way to understand the cost of the Microsoft Cloud services.

Email Migration Services – On Office 365

Our migration process has been published in the books form Apress/Springer and is well documented. We handle large and small migrations. It does not matter if you have a DAG to migrate to Office 365/complete with archive or a cut-over migration from a non-Microsoft email source. The key is the technical and business processes in the migration which is how we make the transition to Office 365 seamless. To learn about our migration process, look at our books on Office 365 (latest published in 2019). In all of our books we detail the process to migrate to Office 365.

License Managed Services - MS 365 Suite

As businesses grow, their licenses become difficult to manage. The simplest way to manage licenses with a KAMIND Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) agreement is with our License Portal. You can adjust licenses on demand, so you only pay for what you need.

In our many engagements with our clients using traditional volume license agreements or EA agreements, clients are typically over-licensed. At KAMIND we make sure our clients are properly licensed for the products they use. As a service to all our customers, we routinely review the licenses that are in use and make recommendation on changes to reduce the monthly subscription cost.

Azure Backup Services – Microsoft Azure

There are different models for backups. KAMIND uses Microsoft Backup services to store encrypted data in the Microsoft cloud. This allows our clients to keep their data in one or more data centers for redundancy. KAMIND’s Backup strategy also provides for the option to back up to the on-site backup caching server. This way our clients have the options to back up to a local device (for better RTO/RPO*), or directly to the cloud from the workstation or servers. Azure backup is about data recovery and storage.

*RTO (or Recovery Time Objective), is the target time you set for the recovery of your IT and business activities after a disaster has struck. … RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is determined by looking at the time between data backups and the amount of data that could be lost in between backups”

Azure Disaster Recovery Services w/ Microsoft Azure

KAMIND’s solution for disaster recovery is to use Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery services. This approach allows data to be recovered in a local cloud data center or multiple data centers. Azure Disaster recovery services allows an identical virtual machine to go online, when the on premises virtual machine fails. KAMIND Disaster recover design ensures that when a disaster strikes, the client environment (and all the data and work in process), is functional in Azure in a matter of minutes using Microsoft Azure Recovery Services and Windows Virtual Desktop services.

KAMIND Cyber Security Hardening Services

KAMIND provides different layers of Cyber Security services, some of these services are managed. In a managed security environment, KAMIND deploys a team of hunters to look at the current deployment and changes needed to address security issues. KAMIND’s hardening services apply our Guard security plan to complete the setup and configuration of a client environment against our high cyber security standards, as documented in our published book “Securing Office 365” (Apress Communications).

Moblie Device Management

Company data is the asset of any corporation. As business transform their business to the cloud, they develop a set of skills and resources that are the lifeblood of the organization. When an individual leaves and organization, the company must remove the data form the individual device immediately. The Mobile device management services are used to control information to prevent loss of devices, bad actors downloading data, and employees making copies of information onto non-trusted devices.

KAMIND Security Managed Operations Services

Cybersecurity is a constant effort in the managing of security and event information and acting on that information. KAMIND deploys several active management scenarios to manage and control security configurations in our clients. KAMIND has three security plans; an entry level non managed plan called “Shield” a mid-range plan called “Guard” and our expert managed systems called KAM-Fort. Our KAM-Fort Security Plan allows us to uniquely identify our user environment to actively manage and control security information in a very proactive manner. As an example, our KAM-Fort Security Plan uses our hunters to track events and take proactive action to prevent security breaches.

Backup DC in Azure with VPN Tunnel

The first step to a disaster recovery solution (and one of the most requested projects for KAMIND) is to deploy an extended network in Azure. This deployment is a fundamental key to an organization’s growth and data protection. The DC in Azure is replicated with the on-premises environment using a VPN to the on-premises firewall/VPN gateway. This project builds out Active Directory in Azure with the associated networks that all organizations need to put in place to allow unrestricted growth.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is Microsoft’s newest offering, a powerful opened communication and collaboration hub that can be customized for any industry or business size. KAMIND will work with your organization to discover needs to help create a custom user experience to help maximize productivity. We take the guesswork out of the governance and implementation of Teams in your organization. We can provide or create custom file structures, migrate existing data into Teams, provide on-site or webinar training, and work with your organization to develop an adoption plan.

Advanced Project Services

File Server in Azure

As companies migrate to Office 365, the equipment that is left on site is usually the file services supporting the business. Depending on the organization structure, some organizations move the data files into a Teams site, and other organizations place the data into an Azure file server to be accessed by either other Azure servers, or through a set of Windows Virtual Desktop.

Windows 10 Auto Deployment

Zero touch deployment is the goal of Microsoft AutoPilot. KAMIND Auto pilot workshops are set up to use the new feature so Microsoft MDM managed desktop to deploy an environment where our client can purchase Windows 10 products, and have the unit shipped from the manufacturer directly to the end user with no IT interaction. This device now becomes auto configured based on the needs of the organization. KAMIND’s AutoPilot deployment services builds an environment in our client cloud environment where the client can purchase new devices for deployment and have the end user just log into the device on day 1.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Increasingly, growing businesses are choosing to move their compute services to Azure. Windows Virtual Desktop is a secured desktop where the cloud services are managed and linked to the desktop. No longer will you have an open attack point as in the legacy remote access systems. Windows Virtual Desktop is a secured desktop within a Windows 10 environment that is configured for the business needs with security built-in from day 1. Windows Virtual Desktop is structured to mirror the desktop device so that data is securely transferred between local and remote devices. This allows the client to use any electronic device to remotely access their personal information at any location using the Windows Virtual Desktop secured access model.

Skype to Teams

With Microsoft recent decision to end support for their product Skype for Business, which is being replaced with Microsoft Teams, it is important for your organization to make the migration and do so with as little downtime as possible. We will help you navigate the migration process, with several different methods available from Microsoft we can find the one that works best for your business to minimize any loss of productivity. KAMIND also specializes in Teams migrations (see Teams Projects) and will make sure you are up and running in no time.

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