To understand device as a service, it is literally renting the device and paying for it over 24 – 36 months.

  • The agreement is directly with Microsoft and the client
  • At the end of the agreement, the equipment is returned
  • The coverage includes accidently damage


This statement of work includes the necessary infrastructure to support Device as a Service (DAAS) without the use of a custom image. The infrastructure defined in this SOW, allows the deployment of Autopilot per Figure 2.

Autopilot Required Components

Autopilot supported by KAMIND IT requires the following configuration

  1. Client Azure/Office 365 has been enabled for autopilot deployment (this SOW)
  2. Client has a current CSP agreement signed with KAMIND IT which includes MS 365 suites
  3. Client has purchased autopilot-enabled hardware; such as Microsoft Surface Pro 6+ or Microsoft Surface book (see autopilot options below)
  4. Autopilot configuration file which includes the Machine name, Model number and device tuple (supplied by Microsoft)
  5. Signed DAAS CSP Agreement


The following devices can be ordered under KAMIND’s Device as a Service program (DAAS). This program is not a lease program. KAMIND retains ownership of the devices, and at the termination of the DAAS period, the devices are returned to KAMIND. There is no device buyout, and DAAS devices are not assets of the client. DAAS program requires that the maintenance plans are purchased for each unit, and a valid Microsoft 365 E5 subscription is deployed on all devices and the account is current. Additional information and terms are contained in the DAAS -CSP subscription agreement.

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