Offices Laying Out Results

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase employee productivity in order to increase revenue. In the highly competitive business world, business owners often find themselves asking, “how is our office space impacting employee productivity, and what can our business do about it?” It’s no secret that businesses lose money when employees aren’t productive.

Traditionally Flawed

Think about your workspace, what makes it unique, what benefits are there for working the same space as your coworkers. In an office you can walk over to a co-worker and show them a document you’ve been working on; need to hold a meeting? just grab a conference room down the hall, want to plan a lunch outing with coworkers? they are usually within earshot.

Azure Traffic Control

Azure offers a robust set of networking services and tools. Connectivity options allow linking your datacenter, other Cloud environments, or remote users to Cloud resources. There are also a variety of services and tools that allow you to inspect, direct, and troubleshoot traffic.

Social Media and the Workplace

New platforms can be tools for connection with colleagues and outside experts, but can also serve as distractions while on the job

Social media influences and permeates many aspects of daily life for Americans today, and the workforce is no exception.


A National Concern

United States Attorney William P. Barr recently stated that crimes against the elderly target some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Because of their stage in life, they don't have the opportunity frequently to recover, and the losses are devastating to them.

Client Provider Privilege

Company success and growth now more than ever hinges around how a company deals with its clients.

Companies which thrive and survive will be those for whom the client relationship sits at the very heart of business strategy. Every process within the company must revolve around providing a positive client experience.

Slack vs MS Teams

With the majority of jobs shifting to remote positions, and a major shift from single management structures to team-based cooperation, the need for collaborative tools is on the rise. Roughly 70% of jobs will become remote by 2025, and with that face to face meetings will become a rare occurrence.

Death By Meeting

The setting

A nondescript, windowless conference room somewhere in Corporate America with exceptionally uncomfortable chairs, three of which are broken, a projector, and a Polycom phone.

The players

Meeting host. Host has invited you all to participate, ostensibly to get your opinions on some topic.

How Azure Protects Your Business

Business relies on IT systems and data for daily operation and even survival. Increasing threats from bad actors, physical infrastructure failure, data corruption, and human error persist in both the traditional datacenter and the cloud.

Businesses strive to keep systems running, and plan for restoring services as quickly as possible when things inevitably fail.