KAMIND IT Security And Support Services To Manage Risk

KAMIND IT offers security services in addition to our support desk services. Cybersecurity defenses are ever-changing, and you need a dedicated security team on your side that is knowledgeable of new Microsoft products/services. KAMIND IT’s cybersecurity team is the team you need to defend your digital assets against cybercriminals and security breaches.

KAMIND IT has created a set of three different cybersecurity plans that are aligned with the NIST framework and designed to allows your organization to scale – affordably – based on the security offering that fits your risk profile. In Figure 1 above, you can select from the different types of security offerings along with one of our security plans that helps you deter the risk to your organization.

KAMIND IT offers three different security plans that can be tailored to fit all organizations. KAMIND IT provides an entry level Guard plan all the way to our Fortress™ plan which includes a Support Desk option (staffed in the US) and support for both Azure Commercial and Azure Government. Every client has different security risk profiles which is why we created different security programs.

KAMIND IT security product suites are flexible based on the needs of the client. Our security plans require either a Microsoft 365 E3/G3 + Security E5/G5, Microsoft 365 E5/G5, or frontline workers with Microsoft 365 F3 security F5). Our managed security offerings include an option to invoke the Microsoft Incidence Response Team.

KAMIND IT security plans are designed to mitigate and reduce the risk of a breach.  All services in the KAMIND cybersecurity plan are clearly identified in the Shared Responsibility Matrix, so there is clear ownership between KAMIND and our partner clients. These security plans are summarized below.

Guard™ 2023– Identity Information and Device Protection

Do you have an existing help desk, and are looking for extra cybersecurity support? KAMIND’s Guard plan is designed for you. The plan supports the IT manager that is looking for extra security but wants to make the decision on how to remediate breaches and support the end users. The Guard plan sets up the basic security systems and monitoring necessary to mitigate a breach but is designed for the IT manager that is looking for a balance of cost and Office 365 management. The Guard plan is designed to provide the necessary information notices to the IT manager – but we leave the proactive management decisions up to you to decide on what and how to handle everything. Our cybersecurity staff will configure and manage the alert management systems based on the business rules of the organization and our Shared Responsibility Matrix (SRM). When an alert is generated, we classify the alert in our classification system, remediate the agreed upon alerts and we  will notify your organization’s key contacts based on our SRM.

The key features of the Guard plan include:

  • 24 x 7 notification and monitoring
  • Automatic deployment of new security software updates for covered devices
  • Security training
  • Security alert Management
  • Includes MS 365 E3/Security E5 suite license deployment
  • KAMIND managed security alerts
  • Quarterly Technical Security Reviews
  • Quarterly Strategic Business Reviews for the C Suite

The Guard plan is designed for the IT Manager. The plan provides a partnership between the KAMIND IT Security Operations Team and your IT staff and help desk.

Fortress™ 2023 – Proactive Attack Prevention

Our Fortress™ Security Plan is a worry-free security and support agreement. KAMIND IT’s internal Security Operations Center monitors your organization’s security 24/7, keeping your network and data secure. Our Security Operations center is staffed to address your needs.

Our Fortress™ Security Plans are proactive. When you enroll in our security service, you define the business rules for your operation. Our security management team interviews you for your business process needs and implements your requirements, so we can proactively manage your data assets.  When an alert is generated, our cybersecurity team process the alert and provides notifications to the primary client contact.   In addition, we use the tools in Guard+ and complete a trend analysis.

What happens if you have a cyber incident? Our team of specialists will address and remediate the problem and get you back online as soon as possible. If needed, and you have opted to invoke the Microsoft Incident Response team, a Microsoft-staffed Incident Security Response Team will be engaged to assist in quickly addressing the incident.

The key features of our Fortress™ package include:

  • All the Guard Security Plan features and…
  • All the Guard Security Plan features and…
  • Guard+ online event services
  • Optional Penetration testing and audit by 3rd party
  • Optional Microsoft Incident Response Team engaged(additional charge may apply)
  • Realtime data monitoring in our Security Operations Center and remediation when necessary
  • Update management of all systems (server and desktops)
  • Continuous security audit and reporting
  • Security training
  • Proactive threat modeling of cyber attacks using Guard+
  • KAMIND Proactive management of security alerts
  • Monthly Technical Security Review with Guard+
  • Quarterly Strategic Business Reviews for the C Suite

If you are a high risk, or have had a data breach, look at our Fortress™ plan to address your security needs.  The Fortress Security plan is also available for Azure Government as a Fortress-G offering supporting GCC High.

Cloud Backup

Backing up O365 data on a third-party platform will ensure that your data is secure and able to be retrieved easily and within a quick time frame. So why isn’t everyone working with a third-party backup provider for their O365 data?

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that once they migrate to cloud-based email services that the data remains in the cloud, even after being deleted from a user’s inbox. The truth is that Microsoft only retains data for 14 days after a purge from the deleted items folder.

What Is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup for Office 365: a 3rd party application that performs backup and restore of Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and all files, folders, and document libraries. Cloud finder secures all office 365 data so that in the event your Office 365 tenant is breached, and data is lost. In the rare event that Microsoft data centers are compromised, or you experience a ransomware attack, your data is restorable from a 3rd party data center.

What Are You Risking?

The threats of not backing up your O365 data are big. One of the most obvious risks is forever losing access to important business data that is crucial to the operation and security of your business.

When sensitive data loss occurs, especially without appropriate recovery spans, your business loses time and money attempting to retrieve something that may not be obtainable. Ensuring your O365 data with a third-party backup provider is necessary for the growth, success and productivity of your organization.

Protect Your Business

Our Cloud Backup not only provides you with military-grade encryption for the highest level of data protection, but it increases productivity and gives you peace of mind. The Backup tool provides instant full text search and restore capabilities which saves you time with the fastest indexed search on the market. Retrieve files in no time at all with granular search controls and specific filtering abilities down to names within attachments and documents, and date modification.

Just as beneficial, our Cloud Backup enables Organizations to have the backup insurance needed for business continuity and disaster recovery. That type of full-service and support maintains your peace of mind in the toughest of situations. Contact KAMIND IT today and see how our Cloud Backup is just one more way your organization can stay protected.