KAMIND IT Security and Support Services to Manage Risk

KAMIND IT offers security services in addition to our support desk services. Cybersecurity defenses are ever-changing, and you need a dedicated security team on your side that is knowledgeable of new products/services. KAMIND IT’s security team is the team you need to defend your digital assets against cybercriminals and security breaches.

KAMIND IT has created a set of three different security plans that allows your organization to scale – affordably – based on the security offering that fits your risk profile. In Figure 1 above, you can select from the different types of security offerings along with one of our security plans that helps you deter the risk to your organization.

KAMIND IT offers three different security plans that can be tailored to fit all organizations. KAMIND IT provides an entry level plan all the way to our Fortress plan which includes a Support Desk option (staffed in the US). Every client has different security risk profiles which is why we created three different security programs (see Figure 2).

KAMIND IT security product suites are flexible based on the needs of the client. In our 24 x 7 plan, which requires MS 365 E5, there are two unique offerings in the industry – cyber liability insurance coverage* up to $500,000 and breach remediation which includes support (when needed) via the Microsoft Incidence Response Team. These two features in our 24 x 7 plan reduce your cost for mitigation and cleanup. Data breaches can be expensive and, in many cases, can exceed $100,000 in cleanup activity.

KAMIND IT security plans are designed to mitigate and reduce the risk of a breach. These security plans are summarized below.

Shield – Security and Compliance Controls

This is our basic plan that includes the minimum-security components that you need if your business is a low-risk business. The Shield plan has all the security components that you need to effectively manage a low-risk business. Naturally, things can still go wrong, and a data breach will need to be addressed when it happens, but with the Shield plan and the follow-through with our security training, you will be able to manage your business effectively.

This plan is designed for the hands-on business owner or IT professional that will be directly managing your network and data assets. At KAMIND IT we have configured the basic security requirements for low-risk businesses – that balance between affordability and security. If you are in a medium- to high-risk business, we do not recommend this plan for you. You need to look at our Armor or Fortress plan if you have a full time IT professional running your organization.

The key features of the Shield plan include:

  • No-charge security agents for systems installation
  • Baseline configuration of the security software and Azure security notification services
  • Security training
  • Dark web monitoring for stolen credentials
  • Optional 24 x 7 support desk
  • Includes MS 365 Business suite license plus security software
  • Customer managed security

The Shield plan is for basic owners and It staff that want a hands on approach to security management, where all data collection, threat analysis, and remediation are the responsibility of the client.

Armor – Identity Information and Device Protection

Do you have an existing help desk and security staff, but are looking for extra security support? Our Armor plan is designed for you. The plan supports the IT manager that is looking for extra security but wants to make the decision on how to remediate breaches and support the end users. The Armor plan sets up the basic security systems and monitoring necessary to mitigate a breach but is designed for the IT manager that is looking for a balance of cost and Office 365 management. The Armor plan is designed to provide the necessary information notices to the IT manager – similar to the ones that we have in our 24 x 7 plan – but we leave the proactive management decisions up to you to decide on what and how to handle everything. Our support staff will configure and manage the alert management systems based on the business rules of the organization. When an alert is generated, we will notify your organization’s key contacts.

The key features of the Armor plan include:

  • All of the shield plan features and…
  • 24 x 7 notification and monitoring
  • Automatic deployment of new security software updates
  • Security software deployment
  • Security training
  • Security alert Management
  • Dark web monitoring for stolen credentials
  • Includes MS 365 E3 suite license plus security software
  • KAMIND managed security alerts

The Armor plan is designed for the IT Manager. The plan provides a partnership between the KAMIND IT Security Operations Team and your IT staff and help desk.

Fortress – Proactive Attack Prevention

Our Fortress security plan is a worry-free security and support agreement. Our Fortress security plan integrates our 24 x 7 Support Desk with the latest in AI-based security offerings. Our 24 x 7 Support Desk is always online. You can pick up a phone and call our US-based Support Desk to address any problem that you have with desktop support or security related issues. Our Security Operations center is staffed to address your needs.

Our Fortress security plans are proactive. When you enroll in our security service, you define the business rules for your operation. Our security management team interviews you for your business process needs and implements your requirements, so we can proactively manage your data assets.

What happens if you are breached? Our team of specialists will address and remediate the problem and get you back on line as soon as possible. If needed, a Microsoft-staffed Incident Security Response Team is dispatched to your site to assist in quickly addressing the breach. Additionally, to support you in recovering any asset loss, our Fortress plan includes a $500,000 cyber breach liability insurance policy (subject to coverage acceptance by our insurance carrier prior to the loss). The Fortress plan includes all the other plans’ security software and management tools.

The key features of our Fortress package include:

  • All the armor plan features and…
  • Penetration testing and audit by 3rd party
  • Cyber insurance coverage up to $500,000 included (some restrictions apply)
  • Microsoft Incident Response Team engaged and, if needed, dispatched to your site on confirmed data breaches (additional charge may apply)
  • Realtime data monitoring in our Security Operations Center and remediation when necessary
  • Update management of all systems (server and desktops)
  • Continuous security audit and reporting
  • Monthly account review
  • Security training
  • Security software deployment
  • Dark web monitoring for stolen credentials
  • Proactive threat modeling of cyber attacks
  • Includes MS 365 E5 suite license plus security software
  • KAMIND Proactive management of security alerts

If you are a high risk, or have had a data breach, look at our Fortress plan to address your security needs.