Azure Traffic Control

Azure offers a robust set of networking services and tools. Connectivity options allow linking your datacenter, other Cloud environments, or remote users to Cloud resources. There are also a variety of services and tools that allow you to inspect, direct, and troubleshoot traffic.


A National Concern

United States Attorney William P. Barr recently stated that crimes against the elderly target some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Because of their stage in life, they don't have the opportunity frequently to recover, and the losses are devastating to them.

Why risk your business when you don’t need to?

Stay ahead of cybercrime with our FREE Cybersecurity Health Check assessment. This assessment covers more than 20 security points in four key cybersecurity categories. The purpose of this self-assessment is to help you pinpoint your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses, and to provide you with a complete Cybersecurity Health Check report containing useful tips and recommendations.

Managing Azure Spend

Azure is an exciting opportunity for businesses of all sizes to move resource hosting out of the datacenter and into the cloud. Hosting in Azure removes the need for businesses to purchase, host, and maintain physical resources. Comparing physical systems to Azure pricing in a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) context helps evaluate the cost benefit of hosting in Azure.

Windows 10 Editions

Our customers are asking us which version of Windows 10 they should use in their business. It will come as no surprise to you that we do not recommend the Home version as it is just not robust enough for business use. The table below provides you with a quick and easy map of features available to each version of the new OS. For most of our clients, we are recommending the Enterprise version because of the security provisions that are built into it.

Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec, of Shark Tank fame, was the keynote speaker at an IT event I attended last week. (Thanks to Robin Robins for organizing such a great session!). In the relatively short time we spent with Robert, I learned a lot.