Who Is Matt Katzer And Why Is Everyone
In Cybersecurity Talking About Him?

Matt Katzer,
Founder And CEO

A Leading Microsoft Cybersecurity Company That Helps Organizations Innovate And Grow

KAMIND IT has been developing growth- and security-focused cloud computing solutions that heavily contribute to clients reaching growth goals for over two decades – even in the most difficult of circumstances.

As a full-service cybersecurity firm and Microsoft Tier 1 Gold Partner, we know the most advanced ways to protect organizations against cybercriminals while helping them compete against much larger competitors.

Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author On Cybersecurity And Office 365

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How A Childhood Obsession Inspired Matt Katzer To Become the Largest
Independently Owned, Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner In The Northwest

Matt Katzer’s dad has had an enduring influence on Matt and the way Matt helps his clients. His dad was an inventor who taught Matt how to experiment. “I grew up in a problem-solving environment,” Matt said. “I was encouraged to always look at how I could do something differently and improve what I was doing. My dad took complex problems and solved them. He invented a process for building engine blocks while working at General Motors (which is still used today)”.

Inspired by his dad’s approach, Matt started young at solving simple problems for something he was passionate about – model trains. In just the fourth grade, he got frustrated with his trains shorting out on the tracks, so he figured out a sophisticated way to get power running across all the train tracks. He then progressed into solving complex problems, still within his passion. “I wanted to automate model trains,” Matt said. “So I got involved early on with the National Model Railroad Association and helped develop the NMRA Digital Command Control (DCC) protocol standard for computerizing model trains.”

Matt’s Top Areas Of Expertise

  • Cybersecurity
  • CMMC
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Published Author
  • Microsoft Government Licensing

An accomplished leader in Microsoft cloud computing and cybersecurity for over 20 years, and a Microsoft Gold Partner, he’s helped tens of thousands of businesses (in 37 states and 11 countries) experience extraordinary growth while optimizing their efficiency across all technical platforms and guiding them on their journey to the Microsoft Intelligent cloud. He’s a highly sought-after speaker and the author of five books on cloud computing and cybersecurity, including multiple #1 best-sellers. His books on Office 365 are widely considered the best sources on Microsoft cloud services.

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Top Reasons You Will Want To Work With Us

We wrote the book on Office 365. In “Migrating to Office 365”, published by Apress, we openly share all our tips and techniques with you.

We are a direct Microsoft Tier-1, Managed Partner. We have a direct line to key teams within Microsoft which allows us to bring you news of the latest technology and advanced roadmaps.

Microsoft has certified us as a Gold Partner in Five Cloud Competencies: These certifications assure you that our team has studied and been granted the certifications as experts so we can support you better.

We are on the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council. This gives a great opportunity to provide your input to Microsoft on desired changes in the roadmap.

We SPECIALIZE In Cybersecurity. We have built out our own Security Operations Center to ensure your data is safe and that you can meet your compliance requirements.

Our Main Focus is In Working With Fast-Growth Organizations. This means we know how important being on the cutting edge of technology is to you.

We are also certified by Microsoft to deploy specialized licenses (Government licenses for Office 365G and AzureG, Not-For-Profit/Charity, Education and Commercial Licenses). This means that we can deploy special licensing to you as needed.

We Offer Cybersecurity Insurance to Clients on our Security Plans.

We Offer a Self-Service Licensing Portal so You Can Purchase Your Office 365 Licenses Instantly and View Your Azure Consumption in Real Time. No more waiting for license deployment and modification of Azure Consumption.

We Provide Training to You and Your Users. We offer hands-on training, online training, live webinars and advanced technical training to our Clients.