How to make the most of hashtags

When taking your business online, it’s crucial you make use of different tools to help boost your online presence. Hashtags are an example of such tools; they are the key to social media buzz and have been added to various social media platforms. Isn’t it time you got a comprehensive view of how different social […]

No, It’s Not The End Of The World…

By now you are no doubt fully aware that support for Windows Server 2003/R2 will be discontinued on July 14, 2015 . Many of our customers are looking at the alternatives right now and - for some - it is not an easy decision. We want to remind you that there are often silver linings to every cloud (pun intended) ...

The end of support for Windows Server 2003/R2 could signal the beginning of a new stage in the evolution of your IT organization.

Tips to grow your social media audience

Cracking the unspoken code to social media business superstardom can be mindboggling. Even if you have the time to dedicate several hours a week to social media, you may still be baffled at where and how to focus your efforts. Look no further, there are some fundamental solutions that can blast your social media marketing […]

Implementing BI for small businesses

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies need to adapt to stay in the game. Interpreting and utilizing data has become more important than ever, and small business owners are turning to business intelligence (BI) to gain an edge over their competitors. BI systems were once very expensive. Nowadays however, advancements in technology have pushed prices […]

4 things to consider before selecting an MSP

Business owners increasingly realize the importance of adopting IT systems that are efficient, flexible, and cost-effective. But as customers’ expectations rise, their IT becomes far too complex and demanding for businesses to manage alone. This is why many businesses opt to contract a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to look after their IT needs. This is […]

Creating an effective business disaster plan

You’ve been putting that business continuity plan off for months now, but you’ve finally decided to go through with it. You start by talking to members of your staff, partners and service providers. And it doesn’t take long to see that everyone has a different opinion about what to recover first when disaster strikes. The […]

Improved internet security with 3 easy tips

Most of us know we should make our passwords more difficult (sorry, folks, “1234” or “qwerty” just doesn’t cut it) and use an up-to-date version of antivirus software. But all too often, we opt for an easy life – use familiar passwords and put upgrades on the back burner. But security can be simpler than […]

Cloud User Self-Service Password Reset

This new feature is beginning to roll out for Office 365 customers starting today (2/17/15).

The self-service password reset allows a user to reset their password should they forget it, using pre-arranged alternate personal information. First, the admin for the tenant must enable the tenant for user password reset (KAMIND IT can help you with this if you need help). Next, each user must configure alternate personal information in the Office 365 portal.