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How Azure Protects Your Business

Business relies on IT systems and data for daily operation and even survival. Increasing threats from bad actors, physical infrastructure failure, data corruption, and human error persist in both the traditional datacenter and the cloud. Businesses strive to keep systems running, and plan for restoring services as quickly as possible when things inevitably fail. Any ...

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Cybersecurity study reveals ‘misperceptions’ leave consumers vulnerable

Even as digital threats soar and public awareness about digital dangers increases, consumers seem to lack a clear understanding of how and where cybersecurity threats are evolving. According to a new study from Cujo AI, consumers have a wide range of misperceptions that could leave them vulnerable, even as they believe they are taking the ...

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LNK sLoads Ramnit Trojans

Executive summary Microsoft security researchers discovered a campaign taking advantage of shortcut (LNK) files to load malware onto systems. The campaign used the shortcut files to call PowerShell commands in the sLoad malware framework. The commands then downloaded and installed the Ramnit banking trojan, which stole credentials, contacts, and other sensitive information. Both the sLoad ...

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4 steps to secure your business this holiday season

Is Your Business Ready For More Clients–and More Risk? While the holiday season provides a boon to many small businesses, all that hustle and bustle can also give criminals an opportunity to prey on shoppers and business owners. But there are simple steps you can take to protect your business, not just during the holiday ...

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