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A Salute To IT Managers Everywhere. We Feel Your Licensing Pain.

The typical person looking after the desktops, laptops, e-readers and smartphones for a typical 50-employee business is responsible for up to 100+ software licensing agreements. If you are an IT manager in today’s software and device laden work environment, and a bit frustrated from time to time, you are not alone. Hats off to all ...

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Why Nonprofits Should Start Looking To The Cloud

This article excerpt, by Nicole Fallon,originally appeared here: Several years ago, when cloud solutions first became popular, businesses of all sizes jumped on board and migrated to the cloud for their storage and communications needs. Nonprofits, in general, have been slower to adapt to this trend, but many are beginning to take advantage of ...

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Microsoft’s Commitment To Data Privacy And Security

KAMIND's trusted partner Microsoft is ultra committed to protecting its customers' data. KAMIND and Microsoft both believe that all information it might help a customer accumulate, store, access or transmit always remains the property of that customer; not be repurposed, shared or otherwise used without our customer's expressed permission. The following is a statement about ...

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