Robert Herjavec, of Shark Tank fame, was the keynote speaker at an IT event I attended last week. (Thanks to Robin Robins for organizing such a great session!). In the relatively short time we spent with Robert, I learned a lot. Here are my top 10 takeaways (with one bonus point added):

  • 10. You must have a forecast. Start with an annual forecast and then develop quarterly and monthly forecasts. Finally, you need a forecast for each week. Ask yourself: what is the top thing I need to accomplish this week?
  • 9. Block off time each day (90 minutes) to work on the one thing you’ll accomplish this week.
  • 8. Stay focused.
  • 7. Remember, every day somebody is out there to kick your butt.
  • 6. Respect your competition and learn from them.
  • 5. Hire for culture versus skillset. You can’t teach drive and you can’t teach culture.
  • 4. Sales is a key function of your business; the CEO must be involved in sales.
  • 3. Never stop selling.
  • 2. Hire people that are highly motivated for growth and that are comfortable with the pressure for growth and change.
  • 1. You must have intensity

Bonus tip:

Robert says it is OK for people to be uncomfortable with what is required of them. Allowing people to get too comfortable leads to complacency.