KAMIND adds a client portal, a malware stopper and a secure team channel
By Matt Katzer

Business computing in the cloud is evolving at tornado-like speed. Keeping on top of it all just got a bit easier with these three new services provided by cloud solutions consultant KAMIND. As one of Microsoft’s leading Office 365 partners, KAMIND is constantly searching for ways to improve the customer experience. These are the latest finds. They are meant to streamline access to KAMIND’s tech support, help thwart viral threats and encourage cloud-based learning for anyone who relies on cloud computing to do business.

1. Client Portal. This new service is free for more than 9,000 end users who have selected KAMIND as their Office 365 and/or Azure partner. It enables quick access to a KAMIND technician. No more phone tag or e-mail misses to get an appointment. Do it online. This tool will save time whether you have a minor query or a meltdown.

Beyond getting help, you also can tap into key statistics about the kinds of service problems being solved among all KAMIND clients, how long it took to fix them and what were the outcomes. In this way the Client Portal also provides a new way to share important experience-based “learnings” about how to succeed oing business in the cloud. Client Portal is another 21st century solution from KAMIND.

KAMIND clients who would like to participate in Client Portal are invited to contact KAMIND for access. This service of the portal is free for all 9,000 KAMIND customers.

2. Malware Stopper. KAMIND recently teamed with the creators of a cloud-delivered web security service called Umbrella to provide a malware protective system that blocks threats at the firewall level, contains botnets and minimizes disruption due to virus detection or infection.

Umbrella already is in use by several Fortune 100 companies. It often extends or replaces Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, which have proven to be ineffective against outbound connections. Major benefits of Umbrella are its ability to be deployed to hundreds of clients in a matter of minutes, a presence that is unnoticed by most end users, and effectiveness that reduces malware incidents by up to 80 percent.

Any organization seeking to reduce malware threats and cut the cost for this aspect of system security (which can be as little as a few dollars per user per month) should evaluate Umbrella today. KAMIND will be happy to assist in alternative product comparisons. KAMIND offers this benefit to all customers under contract to reduce their IT service costs.

3. Secure Team Channel.
Yammer, the business-based social communications tool first engaged by large companies to enable quick, easy internal interchanges between well dispersed teams of employees, is now the go-to channel for thousands of organizations of all sizes and configurations. KAMIND is pleased to announce its use of Yammer with its customers to help maintain a useful dialog about cloud computing.

If you’re new to Yammer, it is a user name and password-protected Facebook-like social product that facilitates communications between like-minded groups of business users. It is a free service with most Microsoft Office 365 licenses. A great benefit is that your company owns the information and your business conversations are private and secure.

KAMIND will use Yammer’s unique ability to engage customers, periodically distributing notes on best cloud computing practices, issuing user alerts when necessary, and publishing “how-to” tips for setting up and using a range of Office 365, SharePoint and Azure processes. Comment from team members will be highly encouraged.

If you need help using Yammer or your Yammer has not been enabled, contact KAMIND at www.kamind.com/contact-us/ and we will assist you to enable it.