Microsoft OneDrive is one of the premier tools that is available from within M365 that serves primarily as a document repository, as well as to keep a lock and version history of your specific files that are stored in it.

However, for security purposes, you only want to share these files with those people that are on your collaborative team. But there may be times in which you will have to share these files outside of the internal environment of your organization, such as with contractors or other third-party vendors.

This is the focal point of this article

How It Is Done

1. When you are ready to share your files, you first need to simply log into your OneDrive link.  Here is the link:

2. Once you have logged in, the next step is to then decide which of your folders and/or files you want to share with the other party.  This is done by clicking on them and inserting a check mark in the circle that is next to each file and/or folder.

3. Once you done the above, then click on the “Share” option that is located at the top menu.  This is illustrated below:

(SOURCE:  1).

4. Now, click on the “Anyone with the link can edit” which will allow to further customize the options for sharing.

5. These are three options that you need to complete at this step:

Allow for Editing:

This allows superuser access, in which people can download your files and/or folders, edit/modify them, and upload it back up again to your account.  Also, they can do the following:

  • Further modify the list of people whom you had initially granted access to;
  • Modify the permissions of the people whom you had initially granted access to;
  • Copy files;
  • Move files;
  • Rename files;
  • Delete any content that is contained within the files.

NOTE:  If you uncheck this box, the recipients of your folders and/or files can only download and view them.  This may be the wisest option to choose first, from the standpoint of security.

Set Expiration Date:

This is the date in which access to your folders and/or files will be terminated.  If your recipients need more time, then you will need to reset this date.

Set Password:

This allows you to create a password that your intended recipient will have to enter in first before being able to access your folders and/or files.

All of this can be seen in the illustration below:

(SOURCE:  1).

Once you have done the above three sub steps, then click on “Apply”.

6. After you have finished the last step, a “Send link” window will appear next.  At the bottom of this, you will see circle-based pictures with all of the individuals with whom you have designated to share your folders and/or files with.  If you want to further modify their permissions assigned, click on that particular picture to further edit their options.  This is illustrated below:

(SOURCE:  1).

Once the last step has been completed, you will then return to the main “Share” screen.  This will contain the access link for your recipients.  Once you have received this link, make sure to copy and paste it into the Email message that you will be sending out to whom you have designated you want to share your folders and/or files with.  This can be easily done by clicking on the “Copy” button.

This can be seen below:

(SOURCE:  1).


If you need help in using OneDrive, or doing these procedures, contact us today, and we will help you out.