In today’s world, pretty much all of the marketing that businesses do in Corporate America is now of a digital nature.  Whether it is from sending out Email blasts or prospecting via Social Media, it is now all electronic based to reach out and interact with the customers.  The days of sending out snail mail flyers and catalogs are pretty much a thing of the past.

There is one key often overlooked advantage with this new era in Digital Marketing.  That is, with all of the analytical tools that are available today, you can get almost instant feedback as to how your website and online store are faring with both your existing customers and prospects.

Google Analytics is one such tool, but it does not give you all the analytics you may want in an easily digestible format.

To supplement your toolset, Microsoft has announced a new capability called “Clarity,” which is designed to give you all the analytics you need – in an understandable format, as its name implies.

Breaking Down Microsoft Clarity

The mission of this new package is threefold:

  • It gives you crucial insights as to how prospects are engaging on a particular part of your website. For example, is there one area or one page that seems to get more hits than your website’s other parts?
  • You will get rich, robust analytics as to how your prospects are also engaging with the content on your website(s).
  • Suggestions and comments will also be provided to improve the inbound traffic that is coming to your website(s).

From within Clarity, three major components are available to the Digital Marketer:

1. Session Playbacks:

The interactions of the people interacting with your website(s) are recorded on a real-time basis to view them later when you have time.  This key functionality is known specifically as the “Session Playback,” and it captures the following:

  • Where the visitors clicked on your website(s);
  • Where they specifically scrolled up or down or paused looking at any given point in time.
  • Any other clicks which have occurred later.

All this information and data is simple to use and understand. Also the graphical user interface (GUI) is suited for the non-technical user as is illustrated below:

(SOURCE:  1).

There is a special Filter Button that will let you see the interactions of certain parts of your website(s).

2. Heatmaps:

With this functionality, you will get a visual display as to those parts of your website(s) which people seem to be engaged in the most and the least.  Essentially, this gives you a Macro view of what is being clicked on.  There are two subcomponents to this, which are as follows:

  • The Clickmap: This points out the content where your prospects have visited the most and the least.  The advantage of this is that you will be able to see what content is working and what is not to make the appropriate tweaks and changes to it.


  • The Scrollmap: This will show just how far up and down people scroll on your website(s).  This will give you an excellent clue if they see those items you want them to see.  The Scrollmap will eventually come with real-time metrics, and this will be especially useful when people engage with your content on their Smartphones.  An example of the Heatmap is displayed below:

(SOURCE:  1).

3. Insights Dashboard:

This functionality gives you an overall view of your website’s metrics (s) that have not been examined by the previous two.  With this, you will be able to get much better insights into how you can improve your overall SEO to be higher up the totem pole in terms of the Goggle Rankings.  This is seen in the illustration below:

(SOURCE:  1).

What is unique about this is that this Dashboard will also show you instantaneously those areas on your website(s) which are experiencing what is known as “Rage Clicking.”  This is where a prospect repeatedly clicks on certain areas of your website(s) for some reason or another.


Microsoft Clarity is also fully compliant with the likes of the GDPR and the CCPA, so there is no worry there about potentially being audited or facing stiff fines.  But best of all, this package is entirely free.  If you have any questions, please contact us today.  You can also view a demo of it here.