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Offices Laying Out Results

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase employee productivity in order to increase revenue. In the highly competitive business world, business owners often find themselves asking, “how is our office space impacting employee productivity, and what can our business do about it?” It’s no secret that businesses lose money when employees aren’t productive. Many ...

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Divided We Fall – Importance of Company Culture

We must talk more openly than we have done in the past about fear and trust at work. Fear and trust are the chemical currents that power every good or bad thing an organization does, but we seldom talk about them and it hurts us not to. We pretend there are no currents. We focus ...

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Slack vs MS Teams

With the majority of jobs shifting to remote positions, and a major shift from single management structures to team-based cooperation, the need for collaborative tools is on the rise. Roughly 70% of jobs will become remote by 2025, and with that face to face meetings will become a rare occurrence. So how are employers preparing ...

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