With the Remote Workforce now becoming a reality for the longer term, the need to communicate with colleagues and co-workers in a virtual environment is an absolute must. There are tools out there that can be used, such as Skype, Zoom, WebEx, etc., but none of them have the feature-rich set of tools that Microsoft Teams brings to the table.

The use of a rock-solid video conferencing/communications tool will now become a vital part of today’s business landscape, and that is why so many companies are turning to Microsoft Teams.

The Newest Functionalities That You Can Use

  1. An extensive viewing gallery:

Of course, the ability to see members of your project team on a real-time basis and have the ability to interact with them are crucial, no matter where they may be geographically located in the world. This has been constrained by the limited bandwidth, but Microsoft has refined Teams so that it can support up to 49 separate video feeds so that you can see 49 different individuals on the same screen, making use of the existing Internet connectivity that you already have.

  1. Better lighting conditions:

Adjusting the lighting in the place where you are working remotely so that your colleagues can see you with the best clarity possible has always been a challenge with the other conferencing platforms which are currently available. But further refinements in Teams will adjust the quality of your video stream automatically so that your meeting will be as productive as possible, without other nuances getting in the way to disturb it. Various specialized filters have been deployed in Teams so that the levels of light that are present will look “softer” and thus more engaging.

  1. Enhanced whiteboards:

The use of whiteboards for project management teams, especially those in software development, is an absolute must whether you are meeting face to face or even virtually. In this regard, Teams has probably one of the best whiteboard functionalities that are available, thus making it far more appealing than other choices. Here are some of the latest enhancements to it:

  • Much quicker loading times;
  • The ability to add various “Sticky Notes” (just like the Post It Notes in the physical world) on a real time basis;
  • Various drag and drop toolsets that you can use to make your meetings more stimulating and engaging.


  1. Unique Team Room environments:

Let’s face it; most of the competitive video conferencing platforms offer an interactive environment which can be rather dull. But the latest enhancements in Teams allow you to pick a backdrop environment that is most appealing to everyone that is involved with the meeting. Want to meet in a coffee shop location? No problem, that option is available. Do you want to make it so that it looks like everybody is in the conference room? That can also be done. This is all possible with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that has been deployed into Teams.

  1. Advanced collaboration bars:

Very often, it could be the case where you need to meet with your team in just a matter of a few minutes. With this, this scarce time availability will be spent in getting others notified and sending out meeting invites ASAP. Because of this, you may not be able to have the time that is needed to set up your meeting environment to be the specific way you want. For example, you will have instantaneous access to the following features:

  • Support for up to 5 individuals in a meeting;
  • Control over the camera and lighting without actually touching the screen of your wireless device in order to activate them;
  • Use of a real-time screen.

However, the only caveat here is that this is only available for Android-based devices.

  1. To Do and Planner will be merged in Teams (coming soon – September 2020):

Your individual tasks from “To Do” and your Teams tasks from Planner will all be together in Teams.

  1. A brand-new polling app:

Whenever you are working on a mission-critical project, the ability to gauge the mood in which your team members are in becomes important. Of course, you will always want your team to be motivated as much possible, and this can be very difficult to ascertain with just a mere text or Email message. With Teams, you can gauge this particular level of mood by making use of instantaneous chat, emoticons, and even a “temperature level” bar. This new functionality is called “Reflect” and is illustrated below:

(SOURCE: 1).

  1. Transcripts are created live:

Depending upon the business that you are in, you may be required to keep transcripts for both compliance and audit purposes. However, trying to transcribe the audio content after a meeting can be a very laborious and time-consuming task. But with Teams, these particular transcripts are created in real-time with very granular detail, so do you not have to expend extra resources to do this for you after the fact.



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