As this month moves onwards, we continue with our theme of the products we love.  In our last blog, we examined two internal training tools that be used quite easily and effectively for both your IT Security staff and non-IT employees.  Everybody, to some degree or another wants to stay ahead of the Cybersecurity curve, and these are two tools that can do a great job of doing that.

In this blog, we look at something completely different – a data migration tool.

Migration Wiz

In today’s business environment, there is a huge uptick in terms of adopting the Cloud as a major source of storage, and just about all forms of communications, ranging from Email to Video Conferencing to even VoIP based systems.  But as Corporate America is starting to fully realize the advantages that the Cloud has to offer, especially in the way of cost savings, there is now the movement to literally store an IT Infrastructure upon it.

For example, rather than maintaining On Premises (aka On Prem) servers and workstations which can cost a lot in terms of maintenance and licensing, companies are now literally building out their own Virtual Machines (VMs) in the Cloud.  One of the primary advantages with this of course, is that these VMs can be accessed from anywhere and anytime wherever you have an Internet connection.

But, in order to migrate all of your data over to these VMs from your On Prem servers, you need a user-friendly tool that can actually do this in a seamless fashion.  There is one out there, and it is called “MigrationWiz” from BitTitan.  With this suite, your IT department can quite easily and quickly transition over all of your mailboxes, corporate documents, and anything that resides on SharePoint into your new Cloud based platform.

But best of all, the MigrationWiz lets you move all of this over to an O365 environment, which is now becoming the de facto standard for just about all businesses today. Some of the key features of this powerful tool include the following:


  1. It has a high ease of use level:
    When it comes to data migration, the thoughts of needing highly trained and certified Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) comes into mind. But truth be told, given the simplicity and sophistication of the MigrationWiz, just about anybody in your IT department can take part in this deployment process. It comes with just one User Interface (UI) and migration flow so that things happen in a streamlined fashion which is transparent to those involved in this process.
  2. Scalability:
    One of the key advantages of using a Cloud based infrastructure is that it is highly scalable, in terms of your specific needs. In other words, if your IT requirements increase drastically over a short period of time, the MigrationWiz can help you with fulfilling that need in just a matter of minutes and a few clicks of the mouse. You can quickly migrate over as few as 5 or even as many as 50,000 end users all at the same time, while other business processes are going on simultaneously, such as Email communications, video conferencing, and even content generation and deployment.
  3. Project collaboration:
    By using the MigrationWiz to move all of your business productivity assets to O365, your Project Management team can work concurrently with other members without having to maintain a physical presence at a brick and mortar office. For example, part of your team may be in different states, and the other part could be in different parts all over the globe. By making sure that all of your O365 information and data has remained intact after the transition, your respective teams will still be able to communicate with another using Cloud based communication tools.
  4. Almost no downtime:
    One of the biggest fears for any CIO or CISO during the phase of a massive data migration is that of a hiccup from happening resulting in long downtime periods. While no tool or individual can 100% prevent this from happening, by using the MigrationWiz the chances of this actually are greatly diminished. That way, employee productivity is not impacted, and there is virtually no resistance in the fears of learning and using new software applications that are based in the Cloud.
  5. Great sources of support:
    Another big source of anxiety for the C-Suite is the level of support that is available during the phase of a data transition project. For examples, the thoughts of lack of support or making the use of costly consultants very often come into mind. But when you use the MigrationWiz, for the most part, there is often not a need to use outside help, because the tool is simply that powerful and easy to use. But if and when it is needed, you can be rest assured that BitTitan will be there for you at a very affordable price, and not the thousands of dollars it would cost to hire a third party. Also, there are plenty of support documents that you can search through to find answers to your questions in their Knowledge Base.
  6. Compliance:
    In today’s Cybersecurity environment, one of the big buzzwords that is feared the most is that of data compliance and privacy. As a CIO or CISO, not only do you have to be sure that all of your databases are kept secure according to the guidelines of such pieces of legislation like the GDPR and CCPA, but you also have to keep them this way not only while they are in their state of migration, but also when they reach and are stored in their new Cloud platforms. Not doing this can result in huge financial penalties which nobody wants to pay. But by using MigrationWiz, you can be assured that everything will be compliant, even with the likes of ISO/IEC 27001/ 27002:2013, PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA, etc.



Probably one of the best features of MigrationWiz is that it comes at a very affordable price, since it is a 100% Cloud based solution. Because of this, any business, whether it is the smallest of “Mom and Pop shops” to the largest of the Fortune 100 companies, can make great use of this tool. Data migration should be a quick process, but unfortunately, many companies out there still make this a painstaking process because they are using tools that make it complicated.

The MigrationWiz interface removes all of this drudgery so that you and your employees can start to enjoy all of the benefits that the Cloud and O365 has to offer.

Thus do we love MigrationWiz?

Because it’s flexible (you can start and stop anywhere during the migration), we always know the status of the migration, it is very reliable and it’s easy to use.