February is deemed, of course, to be the month that we share and express our love for, and to, our spouses and families.  But the love does not just have to stop here!  We can share our love with the products and the services that we enjoy the most, especially when it comes to technological gadgets.  This is the focus of the theme for blogs this month, and in this one, we look at the security add on products that we are in love with.

Microsoft Sentinel

Sentinel is a SIEM based product.  Essentially, this is an acronym that stands for Security Information and Event Management.  This kind of tool has actually been around for a decade but given how dynamic the Cyberthreat landscape is these days, this has evolved to the forefront of any security arsenal.

A SIEM is essentially a software package that gives the IT Security staff a holistic view of what is happening in terms of threat vectors and vulnerabilities in real time in their organization’s network infrastructure.  It makes use of two components:

  1. The Security Event Management:
    This analyzes event and log data in real time.
  2. The Security Information Management:
    From the analysis, this component provides a comprehensive, but easy to understand report that can be acted upon quickly.

Best of all, a SIEM helps the IT Security team of any business maintain a very proactive and alert stance at all times when it comes to combatting Cyberattacks even moments before they occur. Microsoft Sentinel can be used by just about any kind of business. It offers four robust functionalities which are as follows:

  • It can connect all of your data points together, from all sources, whether they are On Prem or based in the Cloud;
  • It can quickly and easily filter out for false positives and present only those warnings and alarms that are legitimate;
  • It makes the use of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that let you stay one step ahead of the Cyberattacker;
  • It allows for the Cybersecurity staff to respond quickly to threat vectors as they happen, rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Why do we love Microsoft Sentinel? It gives us a single dashboard; it aggregates billions of events; it includes remediation and alerting of critical events; and it gives us peace of mind.


Once a company has been impacted by a Cyberattack, the first thing that comes to mind is to restore mission critical applications and processes as quickly as possible.  But, doing this requires that the IT Department has maintained adequate and up to date backups.

Most businesses still fail in this regard, and because of that, their downtime is even further exacerbated.  In this regard, one of the key applications that must be restored quickly is the O365 platform that your company is currently using.

But once again, you must have a backup for this.  This is where the tool known as CloudFinder, developed by Axcient, comes into critical play.  You use this to quickly and easily back up all of your data and applications that you use in O365.  For example, it can be used the for the following components as well:

  • Exchange Online;
  • OneDrive;
  • SharePoint;
  • Teams;
  • All of the files and folders that are associated with them.

CloudFinder also has two huge advantages over competing solutions when it comes to backing up O365:

  1. Quick and easy searches:
    With SmartSearch, a Network or an IT Security administrator can filter through all sorts of data and information across all employees and departments in just a matter of a few minutes. Once this has been done, restoration can then quickly begin without overwriting any existing folders and their related folders.
  2. Compliance & Security:
    CloudFinder has received an “A” rating from Security Scorecard, which is their highest. Also, this tool is compliant with HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR, FINRA, etc. Compliance with these laws and regulations is a must these days and using this kind of tool will alleviate that stress from you.

CloudFinder can be used by virtually any business, especially those who are Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Why do we love CloudFinder? It gives you an immutable backup of O365 Outlook (email, contacts, and calendar), OneDrive and SharePoint.

Crossware Mail Signature for Office 365

Let’s face it, most marketing done by businesses is digital in nature. Mostly gone are the days where traditional snail mail was sent to prospects in any kind of marketing campaign. This is all done now via Email, or even text messages.

In fact, it has even come to the point now where your Email signature is now a very critical component of your digital marketing efforts. Therefore, you need to craft one that is unique, and will separate you from your competition as you reach out to prospects.

For this, you need to a tool known as Crossware Mail Signature to help you accomplish this task.  With this, you can very easily customize your:

  • Company branding and logo so that it looks prominent in your signature;
  • You create customized disclaimers (which is very important to include given today’s compliant driven environment) for both internal and external Emails, and even different ones for employees across the separate departments in your company;
  • You can even have control over the entire advertisement that you are planning to put in the body of the Email – there is no need to purchase a separate product to do this for you;
  • You can even import your complete and customized Email signature into your mobile Email application, and it will look just the like the same as if you were sending it from an actual computer.

But given the rampant amount of Phishing Emails that occur every day, you want to make sure that your Emails that are sent to your prospects do not simply get deleted.  For this reason, when you use Crossware, your Emails never the leave the confines of the Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure, and each and every one is authenticated by the security protocols that have been implemented in O365.

Crossware is a very affordable solution and can be used by just about any company that is serious about the branding in their Email messages.

Why do we love CrossWare? It provides consistent corporate branding that is difficult for mass attackers to replicate; signature is consistent across all devices; it flags our security team if there is a concentrated attack.