Many of us spend a good majority of our lives at our place of work, with people that we can sometimes tolerate or even on a rare occasion, enjoy. So if we are spending this vast amount of time with these individuals wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of connection or otherwise common ground, that way if things hit the fan you know that it won’t be all men and women for themselves? That feeling of security when you walk into work, whether it be a restaurant, office building or a shipping yard, that you are going to have a great day, enjoy what you do, get along with a co-worker and have enough of a voice to not get cast out to sea at the hint of a new idea is what many of us strive for, but little receive. Companies who ignore the idea of company culture for a more profit driven, and high turnover system or as commonplace calls them “Turn and Burn” is depression bottled up in a cubical, and thus decreasing productivity and workplace vitality. Companies like this, how do they find new recruits, keep the ship afloat with the tide waters of inevitable failure rushing in? Well, by finding new crew members to shovel out the water till they are thrown over the deck of the Titanic (Turn and burn) into the ice-cold waters. Rinse and repeat. Small profit now at the cost of employee happiness and connection. I myself have experienced this in my days as a freelancer at the beginning of my career, and Id just like to say, not a fan. So, the bad always must come with a sign of greener pastures, right? Sense of good that companies as time goes on adapt paid time off, maternity/paternity leave, paid sick time and so forth? Well, as employees starting to crave a work life balance, not common to those of generations past, starts to rise some companies have taken note that it should not always be live to work; work to live but rather a mix of personal enjoyment that in return yields higher attitudes, work production and tenure. This generation of millennials, speaking up for the right to a personal life outside of the office, is also bursting the glass ceiling with more women lead corporations popping up every day, leading the way for social change and creating a workforce lead by the previously deemed day dreamers and the uncooperative. The wave of open workspaces, remote work programs and encouraged travel by some Fortune 500 companies has reflected that not only is this something that was once just a “want”, but deemed a productive environment that fuels loyalty, and dedication by a company’s staff. Look at the way your corporation takes interest in its staff, and if you have the power to do so, take an interest in these matters. Team lunch meetings, open discussions, and employee input is a great place to start. Your staff has a voice, and each one could yield fruit that in return increases revenue and growth without the cost of which the foundation is built. If you are lucky enough to work for a corporation that provides these accommodations, and every day is looking to increase the work-life balance of its employees, appreciate that you are valued, as you work for a company that puts people and profit hand in hand with growth.