One of our last articles provided an overview of Viva from Microsoft.  Essentially, it was designed to be a brand-new experience platform for your employees, so that they further strengthen their advantages and hone in more on their weaknesses.

In this article, we look at those areas in which VIVA can be used by employees to help increase their productivity levels.

What Is Employee Productivity?

Employees used to typically work by themselves, trying to meet the weekly goals as set forth by their manager.  But as technology advanced, people found themselves working together in groups, and even in multiple teams from different geographic locations.  Group work is now the norm. But the new term is not teams per se, but rather it is now called “collaboration”.

It can exist in three different ways:

  • Working with shared resources on a network drive;
  • Working with other colleagues on a project management team;
  • Even working with upper management, which includes the C-Suite.

All these dialogues can produce very valuable information and data, thus, it is important to have the ability to capture it, quantify it, and make some sense of it.  This is where Viva can come into play, as it can literally measure with great accuracy the effectiveness that each dialogue carries.  It is also important to keep in mind that collaboration does not mean that you have to have direct, face to face communication with a coworker. Dialogues can also happen via mail, text messaging, and even traditional faxing.

All of this can be collected and analyzed by Viva typically from the tools that are found in the M365 platform. Viva can work in the background, without your employees even noticing that it is really there on their device.  This is all done via a Central Dashboard, and an example of this can be seen in the diagram below:

(SOURCE:  1).

This kind of dashboard brings about a number of strategic benefits, which are as follows:

  • Time utilization:

You can get a bird’s eye view of how each and every employee under your direction are spending their time

  • Activities embarked upon:

When you assign an employee a task, one of the key things you want to know is how long it takes them to do it, and how successfully it was achieved.  You can also view all of this from Viva, but not at the holistic level.  You will need to create a granular level dashboard in order to see all of these details.

  • Information sharing:

You can also view the kinds of information and data that one employee shares with another, and also confirming that it is being securely managed.  While sharing does not have to happen every minute, the more that is shared typically means that your employees are engaged in getting a project done on time, especially if there is a lot of collaboration needed.

  • Frequency of collaboration:

By using VIVA, you can also get insights into how much collaboration is actually going on and what kind it is.  For example, you can see how much conversation takes place between regular employees, temporary workers, and contractors.

Viva & The Overall Work/Life Balance

Seeing how your employees are producing is of course important for the overall success of the business.  But this is just one aspect.  In order to keep your employees productive, they must also be happy in their daily lives as well.  This is where Viva can also be of help.  It comes with two distinct services which are as follows:

  • My Analytics:

With this functionality, you can gauge what an employee has worked on throughout the day, and how effective or engaged they were in their daily job tasks.  Further, your employee can even jot down on this portal some of the difficulties that they had during the day, what they felt they were successful on, and what other help and resources they need for the rest of the week.  This is illustrated below:

(SOURCE:  1).

You can also view the total number of engagements, or one on one sessions that you have had with your employees.  From there, recommendations can be provided by Viva as to how that level can be improved to help increase the productivity level of your employees.

  • Workplace Analytics:

This tool gives you insights into the overall mood of the employees that report to you.  Essentially, it provides the same kind of information as does My Analytics, but it does it on a macro level.  This is illustrated below:

(SOURCE:  1).


Overall, this article has provided some key tips into how you can increase the levels of employee productivity and morale at your company, using Viva.  If you are interested in using it for your company, let us help you deploy it right the first time.  Contact us today.