There is a vulnerability (potentially zero-click) that can be exploited on Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.).

Because of the rush from Google and Microsoft to get a patch out and the lack of protection available if it is indeed zero-click necessary, we recommend ensuring all browsers are up to date as of 03/29/22 or as soon as possible.

This is a threat in the security of your user’s web activity if not addressed. A threat like this is nearly impossible to defend against other than updating as is recommended.

Users that regularly close out their web browsers could already have received the update as a push from Google or Microsoft, but it is worth verifying that both are up to date on every computer as a precaution. Again, both browsers are Chromium based, so this process is identical between the two.

To update your browser:

Click on the dots in the top right hand corner:


Navigate to Help> About Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge:



Chrome will automatically look for any updates since the last login and apply them. The browser will then prompt users to relaunch into the new version:


Users will be protected once they relaunch the newest version of their browser.