Yesterday, September 30th, Google released an emergency update to fix two significant security vulnerabilities in the Google Chrome Internet browser.  If you use Chrome, or have Chrome installed, we strongly encourage you to verify Chrome is up to date with the most recent version.  One of the security vulnerabilities impacts Chrome even if you are using the ‘Safe Browsing’ feature.  Please reach out to our account team if you have any questions.

How to update Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Select the ellipses in the top-right then select ‘Settings’

3. Enter the following search term: update

4. Select ‘Check now’

5. After the check is complete select ‘Relaunch’

6. In the left-hand pane select ‘About Chrome’

7. Verify Chrome is updated.  The most recent version as of this writing is ‘Version 94.0.4606.71’