What Is CMMC?

CMMC is the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

The purpose of CMMC is to provide a cost-effective solution for organizations to be able to implement a layered security plan at all levels. CMMC does this by building upon existing regulations while adding a component of verification from a third-party provider to conduct audits and inform exposures. CMMC achieves these set regulations and standards in differing ways:

  • Combining various cybersecurity standards and “best practices”
  • Maps these practices and processes across several maturity levels that range from basic cyber hygiene to advanced cyber hygiene
  • For a given CMMC level, the associated practices and processes – when implemented – will reduce risk against a specific set of cyber threats

What You Need To Know About CMMC 2.2
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Level 3 CMMC

The CMMC is intended to serve as a verification mechanism to ensure appropriate levels of cybersecurity practices and processes are in place to ensure basic cyber hygiene as well as protect controlled unclassified information (CUI) that resides in the Defense Department’s industry partners networks.

An organization assessed at CMMC Level 3 will have demonstrated good cyber hygiene and effective implementation of controls that meet the security requirements of NIST SP 800-171 Rev 1. Organizations that require access to CUI and/or generate CUI should achieve CMMC Level 3.

CMMC Level 3 indicates a basic ability to protect and sustain an organization’s assets and CUI; however, at CMMC Level 3, organizations will have challenges defending against advanced persistent threats (APTs). For process maturity, a CMMC Level 3 organization is expected to adequately resource activities and review adherence to policy and procedures, demonstrating management of practice implementation.

Obtaining Your CMMC Accreditation

If your organization is looking for assistance in obtaining your CMMC Level 3 Accreditation while completing necessary CMMC processes on schedule, KAMIND IT has the expertise to help you qualify.

The CMMC process and the necessary accreditation seems very daunting. We have created a 4-step process that prepares your organization so you can successfully get accredited through a CMMC authorized C3PAO (CMMC Third Party Assessment Organization) auditor with Office 365.

In our 4-phase process – which we follow in all our engagements – is a partnership model:

Phase I: we review the CMMC requirements with the organization and build out a technical and business process implementation plan for Office 365/Azure.

Phase II: Implementation: Our CMMC project teams will keep you on track; so, you can meet the implementation schedule. Along with the Phase II process, we will recommend the necessary security changes in your infrastructure to ensure that you meet the requirements.

Phase III: KAMIND will work with you for a self-assessment to verify that you have all the necessary components in place for accreditation. The final phase is the yearly accreditation phase.

Phase IV: KAMIND works with your organization and the C3PAO to ensure that you receive your accreditation in a timely manner.

CMMC is different than previous accreditations. To be accredited, you will be required to put the necessary structure and change control in place in order to pass a yearly accreditation process.

With KAMIND working by your side, we can tailor the business process and the 365/security needs for your business to meet the CMMC requirements.

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