Customer Champion

Reports to

Marketing Manager

Job Summary

Customer Champion Manager The core mission of the customer champion is to help the business create a client-centric culture. Job responsibilities include helping to onboard new clients, assisting them on training activities, increasing customer consumption of Office 365 and KAMIND IT servicers of Office, conducting MBRs / QBRs, getting SOW orders signed, getting projects signed off at completion, generating great customer testimonials, smoothing the path for our clients, generating referrals, managing adds changes, deletes (employees / licenses), and ensuring attendance at CIE training. The customer champion is a customer ombudsman or advocate in helping the customers use Microsoft cloud service products

Adherence to the company’s core values is required.

A Customer Champion must have 2 or more years of sales/marketing experience and a Bachelor’s degree. Knowledge of the Office 365 commercial subscriptions and CIE certification is a definite plus.


  • Courteous & obliging
  • Superior communication skills
  • Client empathy
  • Good time management
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Results oriented
  • Resourceful & proactive
  • Team player
  • Willing to learn
  • High performer
  • All leads / notes updated in Infusionsoft
  • Respond promptly to all leads / requests
  • Meet or exceed goals for CIE training
  • Achieve ratings of 90%+ on client surveys
  • Get 2 or more referrals per client per year
  • Get 2 client testimonials per quarter
  • Hold QBRs with top 5 clients every quarter
  • Keep management informed via Infusionsoft
  • Understand Office 365 series and applications
  • Teach CIE class sessions as needed

BS/BA and 2-3 years of experience required with annual background check. A valid driver’s license/insurance is desirable. Reasonable accommodations may be made for individuals with disabilities.

KPIs and Measurements (Individual)

Key KPI Goal
2 referrals per month 2
2 testimonials per month 2
Score on client survey 90% or greater
3 client thankyous to the business per month 3
Project Completion forms signed off at project end 100%
Increase customer usage of office 365 80% or greater
Seat churn rate Less than 1% seat reduction
Account churn rate Less than 1% account loss