Microsoft Copilot is now out in full force, with newer versions for different applications still coming out.  For example, Copilot for Security will be launching very soon. Now that people have had a feel for how it works, the question that we get commonly asked is: “What are some of the ways that I can use Copilot to further enhance my meetings”?  We explore some ideas in this article.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Meetings

There are numerous ways that you can use Copilot for this very purpose.  Here are some tips:

1. During your meeting:

Obviously, the most important facets of any meeting are the interactions that you have with your team, whether it is virtual or face to face.  With Copilot, you can do the following:

  • Create highlights of what is being discussed as the meeting progresses.
  • Create a list of bulleted items that need immediate attention. Obtain a word-by-word transcript, or just a summary of the highlights, after a meeting is over.
  • Ask Copilot to search for items during a meeting by giving it keywords to look for.

2. Use the Prompt Engineering functionality:

This is a new buzzword in Generative AI today, “prompt”.  Essentially, “Prompt Engineering” is the act ofpresenting the model with very specific key words in order to get the best and most specific answer that is possible.  It is important to keep in mind that this is not an exact science, as there is a lot of trial and error that is required.  But the good news here is that Copilot has actually made it a lot easier, so that you do not have to be an expert in the field.  Here are some of the prompts that Copilot can respond to, in real time, during a meeting:

  • What are the points of agreement?
  • What are the areas of disagreement?
  • How can we resolve the disagreements?
  • What are some good questions that I can ask to spark new ideas?
  • What are the flaws in the logic of the discussion? How can I quickly improve upon them?
  • Create for me a table so that I can easily see the points of agreement and disagreements
  • Can you gauge the overall mood of the meeting so far?
  • Can you please summarize what this person said in such a way that I can easily understand it?
  • For each of the people that are attending this meeting, what is holding their interest? What are they excited to move forward on?  What are some areas of disinterest?
  • After the meeting is over, can you please craft a summary document, and send that to each and every participant in the meeting?

3. Use it in your Chat Sessions:

Online communication is essential for businesses nowadays.  We all have questions that need to be answered and new ideas to share with colleagues, some of whom may work remotely.   Copilot can make communication with your colleagues easier by summarizing your Chat conversations in the following ways: :

  • Ask it to select the main points from a conversation.
  • Quickly find only the action items that need to be fulfilled.
  • List any key decisions or milestones that have been agreed upon.

Copilot can do all of the above for Chat conversations going back as far back as 30 days.

4. Use it in Teams Phone:

It has been deemed that the Copilot for Teams is the first Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) to use Generative AI.  So why not use this to your advantage?  For example, if you are making a sales presentation to a prospect you use Copilot to do the following along the way:

  • Summarize the call.
  • Capture any questions that the prospect has about the features, pricing, and how the product and/or service will benefit them.
  • Capture any feedback given by the prospect. From there, Copilot will even provide suggestions on the best way to follow up.


If you have any questions or would  like to see a demo of how Microsoft Copilot can further enhance your meetings, please contact us today.

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