Today, many Cloud Providers offer their own brand of online storage.  Microsoft is no stranger to this arena and offers a suite of powerful tools that any end user or business can use “out of the box”.  Their brand is called “OneDrive”, and with it, you can get free storage space of up to 1Tb.

But the caveat here is that you have to a have an M365 account.  One of the biggest advantages of OneDrive is that you can automatically sync up your files on any of your devices automatically into it.

In fact, any device can be used with OneDrive, which separates it from the rest of the crowd.

How To Sync Up OneDrive

  1. If you don’t have the OneDrive, you can download the application from your M365 account.
  2. Use the Start Button to search your OneDrive App.
  3. Once you have found it, select the application. This is illustrated in the diagram below:
  4. Next, your login credentials. This is illustrated below:
  5. You have two options as to where you want to store your OneDrive app. You can choose the default settings or specify another location of your choice.  This is illustrated below:To choose the default settings, click “Next”.To customize your own location, select “Change Location”.
  6. Next, you will see the “Files On-Demand” menu, to see how you can access your files. You have three choices here, which are as follows:
    • Only available on the web;
    • Available locally;
    • Available on demand, all the time.This is illustrated below:
      Click on “Next”.
  7. To access the location of your OneDrive files, hover over the “File Manager”, and click on “OneDrive”. If you have multiple OneDrive Folders you will be able to access them in the same way.  This is illustrated in the diagram below:
  8. On the lower right-hand screen of your device, you will get confirmation that you are synced up with OneDrive by the little blue cloud icon. This is illustrated below:
  9. If you want to add or delete the folders on your OneSync, follow these steps:
    • Go to Settings;
    • Go to Account;
    • Click on “Choose Folders”.If you want to add a secondary account, simply click on “Add An Account”, and follow the steps from there.  This is all illustrated in the diagram below:


Installing and setting up OneDrive is quite easy, but if you have any questions on to best use it, contact us today.